The Solar Water Heater Built to Last

SOL-RELIANT™ System reviews:

"I've been installing solar water heating systems since 1980. In 32 years I've personally put in over 1,000 working systems and serviced an estimated 10,000 more. Among dozens of system types, SOL-RELIANT stands out as the best combination of simplicity, durability and efficiency. It may well be the best solar water heater ever."
-John Patterson, SOL-RELIANT™ designer and former President of Mr. Sun Solar, Portland, OR.

"As a solar advocate and installer for 20 years I am very keen on the Sol-Reliant system. It's the easiest to install system I know of and it works great. I like the one-hole roof flashing."
-John Zagunas, President of Act On Solar, Treasurer Solar Washington, Lifetime member American Solar Energy Society (ASES)

"I love my Sol-Reliant system, and so do my neighbors! It really looks and works great. It ended up being lower in price than other systems I compared it with and it's reduced my utility bills a lot."
-Joy Wolf, Portland, OR

"My Sol-Reliant system is working great! I like the fact that it works even if the power goes out."
-Michael Parker, Portland, OR

"Sol-Reliant is unobtrusive. I like how easy it is to operate. It takes care of itself. I like that I'm doing something significant for the environment."
-Jonathan Dubay, Portland, OR

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