The Solar Water Heater Built to Last

Sol-Reliant system installed

SOL-RELIANT™ System Features:

  • Fast rooftop installation: experienced installers spend an hour
  • Pressure tested tank assembly saves hours in the field
  • 3 step installation: set the collector, set the tank, run lines between the two
  • Fast and easy for re-roofing: remove 4 stainless bolts, loosen 2 copper unions, and pull apart 2 low voltage quick disconnects. In minutes your collector is free
  • One roof penetration for all pipes and wires, one stainless steel flashing
  • Self-regulated photovoltaic pumping. The brighter the sun, the greater the flow rate
  • No worries ever about overheating, freezing, or stagnation
  • Full 5 year Warranty
  • SRCC OG-300 Certified
    SOL-RELIANT Operation & Installation Manual (pdf)

  • SOL-RELIANT™                   (503) 866-6437